Fresh Goat Cheese

This is a simple, tangy cheese and takes little active time and just a day to become cheese. Try parsley, chives, dill. These times and salt return a semi-firm, spreadable cheese with bright flavor. More salt, and more time, will give a drier, firmer cheese.

1 quart goat milk
1 cup buttermilk
3/8 cup lime juice
1 tablet rennet
sea salt to taste
fresh herbs to taste

Over low heat, bring goat milk and buttermilk to 190* in a stainless steel pan. (Aluminum or cast aluminum will not work). Slowly add lime juice (or lemon, or white vinegar) and rennet while stirring until all is added and mixed thouroughly into milk, but only until just combined. It will curdle.

Cover and let cool undisturbed at room temperature 12 hours. Add salt to taste. Drain into a cheesecloth lined strainer. Bring cloth together and tie. Hang over bowl or sink until it is the consistency you want. Hang for 12 hours, squeezing occasionally, adding herbs and salt as cheese firms.

Seasoned With Abandon


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